Higher Diploma Programmes


Higher Diploma in Telecommunications and Networking

Equips students with the knowledge, skills and practical experience about telecommunication infrastructure, including mobile/wireless networks, fixed-line telephone and broadband optical networks, and network security and management.

Core Modules

  • Wireless Access Technologies
  • Telephony and Converged Networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Broadband Networks


Higher Diploma in Software Engineering

Provides students with a practical grounding in software development, with an emphasis on software design and quality as well as project management.

Core Modules

  • Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
  • Programming Techniques for Mobile Systems
  • Internet and Multimedia Applications Development
  • Enterprise Software


Higher Diploma in Game Software Development

Provides professional training in software design / technology and development of interactive games on mobile devices, with an emphasis on the quality of multimedia games.

Core Modules

  • Mobile Game Technology
  • Game Servers Design and Implementation
  • 2D/3D Graphic Programming
  • Game Engines Design and Implementation


Higher Diploma in Cloud and Data Centre Administration

Equips students with the technical and professional knowledge and skills in computer networking, and related applications and software, with emphasis on Cloud and Data Centre Administration.

Core Modules

  • Data Centre Technologies
  • Cloud Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • Network and Virtualized Systems Administration Project


Higher Diploma in Data Science and Analytics

This programme aims to equip students with the knowledge and techniques in analysing and transforming data into commercial values. Graduates will be able to apply above skills to discover the hidden values of data, analyse business intelligence, and develop more efficient big-data-driven decision-making systems.

Core Modules

  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Database Principles
  • Big Data Ecosystem
  • Data Visualization


Higher Diploma in AI and Mobile Applications Development

Provides students with comprehensive specialized knowledge in the area of mobile applications development across different platforms.

Core Modules

  • Open Source Mobile Application Development
  • Proprietary Mobile Application Development
  • Emerging Technology in Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Web Development


Higher Diploma in Cybersecurity

Enables students to master the principles of computer and information security and to develop the ability to apply these principles in their work.

Core Modules

  • Information Systems Security and Audit
  • Internet Security for eCommerce
  • Server and Services Security Management
  • Advanced Network Security


Higher Diploma in AI and Smart Technology

Provides students with professional knowledge in smart city enabling technologies and cyber security. It integrates a broad range of skills including Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security operations, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and cloud services to meet the diversified development of industries.

Core Modules

  • IoT fundamentals
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Cloud Services and Security/li>
  • Cyber Security


Higher Diploma in Financial Technology

Equips student with the skills and knowledge in the fields of information technology and finance, to enhance students' ability in developing and executing FinTech projects, cultivate them to be the next generation financial technologists and entrepreneurs.

Core Modules

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain Technology and Applications
  • Cyber Security for FinTech
  • Investment Products


Higher Diploma in Information and Communications Technology

The programme provides students with professional knowledge and skills in computer software development, systems/networks installation, maintenance, operation, administration and support with a balanced curriculum in theory and practical content.


Higher Diploma in Games and Animation

Provides professional training in digital entertainment for the growing needs of vibrant creative industry, with specialized streams on computer game and computer animation for candidates to study.

Core Modules

  • Character Animation
  • Digital Visual Effects
  • Game Design
  • Mobile Game Development


Higher Diploma in Theme Park and Theatre Creative Technology

The programme equips students with all-rounded knowledge and skills in operating theme parks and theatre-related entertainment performances by integrating aspects of stagecraft, theatre lighting, sound technology and visual effects etc. It provides opportunities for professional training, industrial attachment and career development, and nurtures a new generation of technical personnel with IT talents.

Core Modules

  • Entertainment Technologies and Professional Practices
  • Sound Technology in Theme Park and Theatre
  • Live Event Management and Strategies
  • Entertainment Project Development


Higher Diploma in Multimedia, VR and Interactive Technology

Provides up-to-date multimedia professional training that meets the rising demands in various creative industries. This programme offers specialized streams on "Advertising", "Exhibition" and "Mobile Media" for students to study.

Core Modules

  • Exhibition Design
  • Advertising Production
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Media Development


Higher Diploma in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology

The programme provides students with multimedia knowledge and skills of digital technology, covering areas in audio and video production, computer game, interactive media, animation, entertainment and other multimedia productions with a balanced curriculum in theory and practical content.

Foundation Diploma Programme


Diploma of Foundation Studies - Information Technology

Delivers a quality education, with generic and IT knowledge and skills, that will enable students to achieve the skills required for developing a career in the IT industry, and a solid foundation for further studies.

Core Modules

  • Database Applications Development
  • Programming Concepts and Applications
  • Computer Systems and Communication Fundamentals
  • Multimedia Website Design Practices

Professional Programmes

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