Graduates of the Information Technology Higher Diplomas

Mr. Taylor Yip

Mr. Taylor Yip

Graduate from IVE Higher Diploma in Information Technology

Since I learnt most of the foundation modules in IVE, and the Higher Diploma could be articulated to the Final Year of the Bachelor degree. I only needed to spend a year to complete the programme

Mr. Taylor Yip

Miss Tse Po Ting

Graduate from IVE Higher Diploma in Software Engineering

With my lecturers' encouragement, I participated in open competitions in software development for widening my visions and horizons. The most memorable competition is the IET Present Around the World 2012. I won the champion of the Hong Kong region and represented Hong Kong to join the final competition for the Asia-Pacific region in Singapore. With the support of the Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship, my dream of studying abroad comes true.

Mr. Taylor Yip

Mr. Lam Kam Fai, Omega

Graduate from IVE Higher Diploma in Creative Media and Entertainment Technology

Through the stage technologies and multimedia experiences gained in IVE, I can perform confidently in all areas of live audio, post-production of film, and audio-visual engineering. Fortunately I was able to step into the field of entertainment technology, and continue to pursue my own dream.


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