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IT Job Skill Index for Broadcasting

"Yes" means the Job Advertisement with the Keyword in Name Column. And, you can click the header for Sorting.

Dowload Results

  Name Group Trend Predict SocialNetwork GeoChart Yes YesRate YesAndHD YesRateAndHD CorrelationCoefficientWithHD Test Pvalue HDRelated OddsRatio
352 TV Broadcasting Link Link Link Link 2890 1.50% 1369 2.19% 0.04 chisq 0.0000 Yes 0.038
364 video production Broadcasting Link Link Link Link 270 0.14% 199 0.32% 0.03 chisq 0.0000 Yes 0.138
327 streaming media Broadcasting Link Link Link Link 86 0.04% 19 0.03% 0.00 chisq 0.0514 No 0.257
363 video processing Broadcasting Link Link Link Link 67 0.03% 2 0.00% -0.01 chisq 0.0000 Yes 0.644
23 Audio Visual System Broadcasting Link Link Link 42 0.02% 6 0.01% -0.01 chisq 0.0184 Yes 0.426

(1) Test with 5% significant level.
(2) The Correlation Coefficient is "Phi coefficient", which is a measure of association for two binary variables.
(3) Trend Analysis sharp increases for the recent month is because of added new JobAd Sources and increased the capture frequents.

Pie chart of Broadcasting

Pie chart of Broadcasting with Higher Diploma

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