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the 9th 'Challenge Cup' Business Start-up Proposal Competition


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2014 National University Business Start-up competition, the 9th Challenge Cup Business Start-up Proposal Competition was held on 31 October to 4 November 2014 at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. Both of the students from Higher Diploma in Mobile Applications Development, IVE(Chai Wan) and Higher Diploma in Software Engineering, IVE(Tsing Yi) won the Silver Award in the competition. The competition content includes a presentation, demonstration and roadshow. Through the competition, students not only shared their project work with the students and industrial partners in Mainland, but also participated in the academic exchange with students from different Mainland cities."

"2014年"創青春"全國大學生創業賽第九屆"挑戰杯"大學生創業計劃競賽於十月三十一日至十一月四日於武漢華中科技大學舉行。來自香港專業教育學院(柴灣)手機應用程式開發高級文憑及香港專業教育學院(青衣)軟件工程高級文憑學生於比賽中一同獲得銀獎。比賽內容包括演示,作品示範及作品展示。除比賽外, 同學更與各城巿學生進行學術交流。"

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