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4th HKDEIFGSS – 3rd Professional Talk on New Technologies

Mr. Desmond Chan will share with you the new technology applications to enrich the knowledge of your up-to-date digital entertainment technologies skills.  

Join us to get up-to-date technology news! 

Topic: The Art & Animation of Entergalactic - behind-the-scenes look into our DNEG Animation team's creative and technical process on Netflix's ENTERGALACTIC

Date: 16 December 2022 (Friday)
Time: 03:00 pm – 04:30 pm
Style: Webinar (Zoom)
Language: Cantonese / English


Desmond Chan is a Production Manager at DNEG Animation. His most recent work is on the Netflix show Entergalactic. He has been in the Animation film and TV industry for over 20 years. Desmond worked on a variety of films such as TMNT, Astroboy, Wish Dragon, Ron's Gone Wrong. Before joining DNEG, he worked at Menfond, Centro Digital Pictures, Imagi & Base FX. Desmond joined Imagi in 2007 as a Supervising Technical Director, he was involved in designing the production pipeline & standardization and leading R&D team to develop tools for project tracking

- New technologies / Future skills applications in the global DE industry
- Up-to-date technologies for DE industry
- Emerging skills, techniques, and software that help enhance production efficiency and quality
- Sharing of professional knowledge and valuable experience of developing a career in Hong Kong’s DE industry


Mr. Desmond Chan

Production Manager, DNEG Animation


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