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Opening of the Innovation & Technology Co-Creation Centre

The Innovation & Technology Co-Creation Centrer locates at the Morrison Hill School of VTC, officially opened on October 9, 2020. The center provides a platform for students to participate in industry development projects to help them master innovative technology and Workplace skills nurture a new generation of innovation and technology professionals.

Government Chief Information Officer Mr. Victor Lam served as the officiating guest at the opening ceremony of the Enterprise Co-creation Center and witnessed the opening of the center together with VTC Chairman Mr Tony Tai , Executive Director Ms. Carrie Yau and various partners. Victor pointed out at the ceremony that under the "new normal" driven by the epidemic, the application of innovative technology plays an important role. To promote innovation and technological development, the key lies in cultivating and gathering scientific and technological talents; and the cultivation of innovative and technological talents depends on the academic community, the industry and the community. The government's tripartite efforts and cooperation. Victor hopes that the corporate co-creation center and the industry will work together to contribute to the cultivation of innovation and technology talents. The government will continue to strive to create an environment conducive to the development of innovation and technology, and to discover and train more future scientific and technological talents.

In his speech, VTC Chairman Tony said that VTC has always provided timely and appropriate vocational and professional education courses for young people. In addition to enabling students to master innovative technologies through advanced teaching facilities, it also emphasizes applied education, allowing students to learn and apply innovative solutions to solve workplace encounters. "The establishment of the Enterprise Co-creation Center is providing a new and practical platform for students to learn a variety of new technologies on the one hand, and on the other hand to connect with students and the industry to enhance learning efficiency." said by Tony.

The establishment of the Enterprise Co-creation Center aims to promote connections with the industry and provide a platform for students to participate in industry development projects. The center is divided into different areas, with shared and co-creation workshops, and equipped with various information technology software and hardware, allowing students to participate in interdisciplinary collaborative projects, learn emerging technologies and master workplace skills.

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